Emel Candırlı, who was born in Antalya in 1960, attended primary, secondary and high school education in Germany and Antalya. Emel Candırlı, who has been interested in mystical events since his childhood, was discovered by his elders to be different from the other children. Emel Candır, who does not like to be in contact with other children,  take attention of her grands with a temperament which she always preferred to be alone.

She used to not to decide join the games with her friends, she could not understand why they played games like hide-and-seek. Because she thought that they could see the back of the material like her. By the age of nine she realized that she lives in a different dimension, and she became more inclined to subjects such as clear vision, dull hearing and feeling underneath.

Despite being a hardworking person in school life, Candır, who put an end to his life and devoted herself to the life of Sufism, began her career as a healer on April 5, 2010, after suffering devastating, agonizing days for 20 years.


1- There were injuries in the arms of Candir’s mother-in-law who were married at the age of 18. One day she walked with her mother in law while going to a wedding. She would be surprised by the incident that occurred the following day. Significant improvement in her arms was seen clear healing. But Emel Candır herself did not give much importance to this event.

2- The wife of Candır had a ulcer. In Germany, he was using drug, named Tagamet. But the pain and vomit did not stop. Whenever Emel Candır touches his housband’s stomach, his stomach-ache was losing at least 15 days. But Emel did not give importance to these events again.


Jesus said: “I will show and teach you the truth of the “be” is to be raised with the mystery, the sick, and how I am healed death people.” Jesus show and teached by taking her to a graveyard. Then he said: “You were overloaded with energy. You will start healing by transferring this energy to your illness. Otherwise you will be sick.”

Emel cared for her dream but  did not start to healing. In a year she has become very ill. She was struggling, unable to speak, unable to tolerate voices. She’s lost 20 kilos. She could not walk anymore. She went to the doctors, went to the psychologist, there were no reason for her ilness was seen in her tests. It’s said about her that she has no change to walk again later her life. The depression pill was given. Candır, who is about to go crazy, turned off an abandoned mule (Antalya, Kemer road in Göynük) where no one would see her according to the illusion she took with spiritual signs. Her husband was bringingh her meal just once a day. The stall had a small window half an meter above the ground. Candırlı, who suffered both physical and spiritual displeasure, was trying to mess around by watching villagers from the window. One day three peasant ladies started talking from the window. There is a patient here, bring soup … There is a madness here, let’s not go inside … Do you think the door will be stealing, will she open the door to us … or will she attack us … One of the ladies said something so interesting that Emel shocked by the word she heard.

“Do not talk smack about the person inside. I think she’s a blessed healer. Because  I see her with the her hand in the dream while she gives healing to everybody.”

LIGHT DAWNS TO EMEL CANDIRLI.  Those events happened to her becauseshe did not start to healing. She decided to give healing, but how he would give this. Because she is barely can talk and walk.


That night in the dream of Emel Candır, İBRAHİM TATLISES comes to her. It’s time, year 1999, come on woke up, it’s enogh then. It’s time for healing. I will help you. Tell your housband that he takes my album (Akdeniz akşamları temmuzda bir başka oluyor – Mediterranean Nights is feels you different in July) Listen to this.

Then he kept her away from the door. The weather was snow and ice. Ice skating in Candırlı’s feet, there was a black stylish shoes in the TATLISES’s feet. TATLISES told Emel to slip while holding her hand. And TATLISES said: “Look, you have learned to walk, and you walk well. But one of my arm and one of my leg is sick.” and woke up from dream.

The dream that Emel Candırlı had seen in the past years was the present state of TATLISES (His hand and leg’s situation at the present confirm the dream for now)

The next day Candirli’s husband brought a meal and there was a album (İBRAHİM TATLISES) beside him. Emel, however, did not even tell her dream. Emel puts a cassette tape When it comes to the “Mediterranean evenings”, it feels that something flows from the whole body. And “I get” the feeling “of walking”. She runs fast, scared and aimed at the wall three meters ahead. The wall reaches and falls down. He started his walk, but his muscles were weak for 2 years. Over time, he strengthened his muscles. Now Emel was going to the jewelery shop with her husband’s support.


There is a dog who often visits the shop of Emel Candler. Her husband kept giving it bone. They were stuck in debt.

Her husband scolded the dog with a nerve for a moment. The dog suddenly jumped on the road. The car, which is passing quickly from the road, passes over dog’s foot and  dog breaks it’s own legs and jumps over the grass. Miss Emel finds a broken foot. Veterinary calls, but can not find in Göynük and throws a foot to trash. The dog walks without having a foot for six months. One day her husband says: Try your healing power on the dog. Emel flouts. Will the dog go through healing and also what can be done to the broken leg.

Husband says, “What are you going to lose?”, let’s do it.

Emel keeps her hand on her broken leg for 2 minutes while the dog is asleep. But there is no expectation of hope and healing.

The dog disappears, for three days. Then they saw the dog coming from the front side.

The dog comes up to them. WHAT THEY SEE ON ME!!! The broken foot was replaced again. But like newborn chicks, hairless and pink. Within two months pomegranate has gone, and the like other leg it has gain normal look.