Diagnostic methods of bioenergetics:

1-Looking at the eye from a distance of one meter: I find black areas by scanning the body from head to foot. Because I see the sick areas as black smoke.

2-Manual diagnosis: When there is an energy cut in the diseased area, when the patient gets to the diseased area, there is a violent tremor with my body at the same time. The shudder is caused by the tremor; When I came to the elimination negative zone, I found that it was a shake because it was combined with the positive energy thati have on the other side.

3- Remote diagnosis of brain and soul. I am directing the sick person directly to my heart and mind. I see black dark spot on the area of the body if it is sick.

My healing techniques and methods:

Patient lays on a non-metal bed. I detect the areas that shook me starting from the head area. I do not take my hand out until the tremor is over. I see that the bad energy that exists in the phase when the tremor is over is in that region. I am taking the negativities in my first session. After that  i give positive healing energy to patient on second session.

Remote healing:

Bioenergetics does not concern proximity to distance. The same operations can be done remotely.

My successfull areas in Bioenergetics:

Benign and malignant tumor (condition not to come to stage 4), mass, mucous, coccyx, ulcer, scoliosis, base sagging, skull growth, long or short of a leg, depression, obsession, goiter, , Migraine, allergy, connecticut disorders, rapid recovery after accident or surgery, spasm of the heart, spleen enlargement, wound in internal organs, circulatory impairment, sleep disturbances, numbness in children, drowning in children, dwarfism due to hormone disturbance, strengthening of attachment system, menstruation problems Spleen growth, cancer, pancreatic disorders, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, tissue disorders, gynecological disorders, prostatitis and all other ailments you may have.sızlıklar.

 Some areas of bioenergy that i can’t get success sometimes:

Tissue fluid depletion on knees, uterine prolapse, urinary prolapse, DNA disorders, schizophrenia, spastic, waist and neck stenosis, resulting in nerve breakdown paralysis.

My healing techniques and methods:

The metal accessories and jewelery on the patient are removed and the bioelectricity of the body is determined by starting from the skin zone. When I come to the non-electric zone, there is a violent tremor in my whole body. The cause of the electric shock is due to the plus (+) electricity in the body and the negative (-) electricity in the diseased area. This is due to the fact that the positive (+) electricity is placed in the diseased area .The patient is aware of this.

For example, if there is no electricity in the leg, the length or the shortness of one comes to a point. After the 10 minute session, the length of the two legs is stabilized when the positive electricity is replaced (see the PHOTO ILLUSTRATIONS section)

NOTE: Because I can not instantly view pictures of the results of internal diseases, such as cancer, cancer, tumors, I shared the simplest leg photos for you.