Bioenergy is the natural energy found in humans. Continuous vibration and low-voltage electromagnetic flow within the body; we have an individual energy field and an energy system in our body. In short, we are the junction of our three energy fields which are physical, mental and spiritual fields. This energetic life energy that we have taken from the inside, which we have internalized, is called bioenergy.


Due to personal or environmental negatives (negative emotions and thoughts) we experience, the adjustment of the body system may deteriorate. Bioenergy application is a unique healing technique that allows the universe to standardize the perfect harmony of the human body with the infinite energy. With the bioenergy technique, the body’s DNA codes, cells, organs and bones are readjusted and the energy lines in the body are adjusted to the body lines. This practice is strengths  and leads to renewal and improvementour mental, physical and spiritual body and our immune system. Bioenergy is an internal energy that strengthens the immune system that stimulates all the cells, accelerates metabolism and hormones. In a healthy body, there is no negative energy may occurs. If there is a problem anywhere in the body, the body’s energy system deteriorates and that region begins to produce negative energy. It means that the communication between the brain and that region is broken. For this reason, it is necessary not to break the link with the brain’s thinking and structuring department, which keeps the entire body alive. Before the disease manifests itself in the physical body, it occurs in the energy field of the body (Aura), then it causes the blockage and system disorder of our energy centers (chakras).

Congestion of the chakras or irregular activity of the  result in the control of the secretory glands and hormones in the regions they control, slows down or stops their activity completely. Then the energy system is broken and the process of loss of balance is experiences. Negative energies in this region disrupt health and emerge as physical and mental health problems.

90% of physical and psychological disturbances are caused by mental reasons (negative feelings and thoughts) and 10% by genetic and environmental factors (accident, crippling, severe coercion, etc.)